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Black Rock City

***Black Rock City has it’s own newspaper, which this year informed us was going to be titled ‘Dustpocolypse” and “The Dust Bowl of 2012.” I guess weather experts think they can determine these things in advance, but in my experience, weather people are wrong more times than they are right, so to them I say, “Pfffffft!!” What this year’s ‘Black Rock City’s Independent Newsweekly’ also informed its readers is that 60% or the nearly 60,000 attendees this year were ‘newbies,’ or ‘virgins.’ This could

                      BRC Weekly

be a good thing, or a not so good thing, in that the majority of the community would be clueless and inexperienced. The downside to this would be that they would take advantage of the freebies that are handed out, and clean everyone out of what they offer. The upside would be that they would ‘get it,’ or learn that this is a different kind of community from which they/we come, and that they take the experience with them into the real world and spread the positive word. A great example of a group of newbies who ‘got it,’ was a camp that offered a loungey type bar. I didn’t actually get the opportunity to visit it, but a fellow HOTD camper did, and talked very highly of his experience there. This group of mid-20 to 30 yr. olds, some who were newbies and some who were only here for their second year, understood the concept so well that they came back this year as a bar/lounge. They realized immediately that ‘it is better to give than to receive,’ and so they left BM last year with this imprint. Returning this year with some first time Burners, they set up their camp, paying it forward, to share and enjoy with others. This is what Burning Man is about – to reach out to others, not to take what you can get.

**The Night time is the right time – and a much better time for a bike ride than during the heat of the day. Every night when I needed a break from bartending, I was off on an exploration. Some nights it was down to the Esplanade and deep playa, and other times it was in the other direction, to what I called the ‘Boondocks.’ Both were very different. The majority of the energy and activity is found on the deep playa, which becomes like a mini Las Vegas with all the colorful lights, noise, and masses of people. The art cars come in hoards, filled with people; there are traffic jams caused by bike

                            Playa at Night 

riders; and there are bunches of people walking around. Music comes at you from every direction, blaring loudly, which you would think would be annoying and obnoxious. But, in reality, because there is so much of it blasting out different vibes, it becomes almost like white noise, blending together in a comforting monotone. Being out there, in the middle of the desert, yet amidst tens of thousands of people, art cars en masse (and all lit up,) and hundreds of bright and colorful art structures, it is hard to imagine that this place is barren and desolate for the other fifty-one weeks of the year! There is absolutely no life here – no birds, bugs, plants, water – except when 50,000+ humans decide to transform this place into this ‘city’ for the week. It’s a mind-boggling concept!!

When, and if, you get tired of pedaling, which you will, Center Camp is a great place to hang out and be entertained. This is the largest temporary, freestanding tensile structure in the world. With almost an acre of shade, a full-service coffee shop, two stages, art exhibits, and acrobats, this is a place bustling with activity. If you want a latte, or chai, here’s the place to get a decent one, but don’t forget to bring some cash, since it’s one of the only places that charges for something. Inside Center Camp is truly a circus – there’s no better way to describe it – bursting with art and entertainment. A musical stage features participants playing world and instrumental music, and another stage features poetry readings, comedy

                                 Center Camp

acts, and theatrical performances. There was constant activity inside this ‘center of the city,’ which made it a nice place to hang out, mingle, be entertained. I found shelter here one night after getting caught in a white out while out riding on the playa, and found it to be one giant-sized, comfortable living room. Of course, it was packed as always, and there was entertainment everywhere. I had the pleasure of seeing a boy (probably around 12-13 yrs. old)  performing on a pair of vertical cloth panels that hung about thirty feet off the ground. He climbed them, wrapped himself up in them, hung from them, wound himself up and then dropped from them, receiving gasps from the crowd who thought he was falling to the ground. It was an act that resembled one from a Cirque de Soleil performance, and one that mesmerized the crowd. This kid had talent!

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