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(Playa) Dust in the Wind..!!

**Day Two of early arrival (aka. one day till the start of Burning Man!!) revolved almost entirely around setting up our camp, ‘Hair of the Dog’. Since we have a good sized bar and sitting area, as well as a pretty big stage and viewing area, we had lots to do. And, we did it – raising the roofs, setting up chairs and tables, putting up the stage, and finally, stocking the bar. But, this was no ordinary bar, this is a Burning Man bar, meaning that all customers are served for FREE. Although, we do have a motto: “You bring the booze and music; we provide the music and booze.” In other words, we get it stocked and rolling, but we can only stay open as long as people continue to help us out by donating alcohol and mixers. And, they do!! People on the Playa are amazingly kind and generous-it’s just too bad it can’t be like this in daily life! So, after many hours of work, and we were all set up and ready to go for tomorrow, I was on my bike again to explore. This time I was impressed with the elaborate campsites, from huge Native American teepees to a Taj Mahal style tent, a mini version of New Orleans’ French Quarter, mini-golf, Twister camps, dodge ball, roller derby, domes, parachutes, RVs, and various random vehicles that had been transformed into campers (school buses, ambulances, tour buses, a hearse, etc.) Something that I noticed immediately was that so many of the campers, RVs, and trailers were vintage 1970s. It felt like I flashbacked into my childhood after seeing so many of them, as well as other ‘old skool’ camping vehicles. I guess, because people either took over their parents’ campers or they bought them cheap off eBay, they were represented en masse here in Black Rock City. Ya gotta do what you can do with what ya got..!

Black Rock City (aerial view)

Music emanates from everywhere in BRC – the art cars, campsites, playa clubs, even some bikes – so it feels like one big outdoor nightclub. In reality, it’s a big circus, complete with costumes, characters, and the strangest sights you’ll ever find in one place. And, it’s a city that never sleeps with noise, activity, and energy in constant motion. It’s pretty crazy to think that, for one week out of the year, BRC is the fourth largest city in Nevada, and for the rest of the year it is completely barren and deserted!

Black Rock Desert, uninhabited

Wind and playa dust kick up without a moment’s notice, so you need to be prepared with a dust mask and goggles at all times. White Outs happen pretty regularly and are pretty miserable. You can’t see more than a few feet (sometimes inches) in front of you, so for survival and sanity sake, just hunker down and wait for it to pass. This is a good time to kick it in your tent, hang out at a new and/or fun camp, or come to ‘Hair of the Dog’ and throw down a few drinks while chillaxing at our bar!!

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of playa dust is as follows: Playa Dust – n. (plah-yah dust) Dried, packed, and ground up alkali lake bed dust, specifically from Black Rock Desert, NV. It’s an unpopular souvenir from Burning Man that gets into absolutely everything. So miniscule are its particles that you’ll be getting them out of whatever you bring for years to come. No means known yet to man is effective for completely removing this substance from items that have been to the event; all attempts to do so will merely end in utter frustration.” You don’t really realize it while you’re there, but this dust has a bit of an odor to it, and a chalky taste, which is in and around everything. It really stands out when you return home and start kicking up the dust while unpacking. Suddenly, I was slightly revolted by the smell that consumed my life for a week at Black Rock City…as well as fascinated by the stuff. In fact, while doing a little research on it, I came across an article that listed what playa dust is made up of. See this if you’re curious:  But, even more fascinating to me was that there is a Facebook page dedicated to this dusty stuff! Yep, it’s true…check it out for yourself: There are even Youtube videos on the darned junk! Sheesh….I guess there’s more to it than just dust in the wind!

Keep your goggles and dust masks on….there’s more to come!!

White Out