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“She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”

**I have adored music from the first time I discovered my parents’ album collection. I recall, at about four years old, putting a recond on the turntable, the needle on the record, and mimicking what I had observed my mother doing in order to fill our home with the wondrous sound of music. Apparently, I foiled the attempt, and mom scurried over to give me a proper lesson. From then on, I had a field day filing through all my parents’ albums and sampling each song on each recond until I discovered my favorites, playing them over and over again. Then came the discovery of our transistor radio, auditorally experiencing  the British Invasion, Hippie Era, Disco Days, etc, all the while my interest amped up and intensified. And, having been plopped down in that historically rich musical period, (which included massive quantities of mind-altering substances) I am very interested in hearing about other peoples’ experiences, as well as sharing my own. My biggest regret is never managing to get myself to a Beatles concert. Any time I meet someone who did manage, I get goose-bumps and touch them, in hopes that some of their experience will rub off on me sensorily. If I could only feel what they felt and saw, it would be the next best experience of a lifetime! I remember vividly those  Sundays of my childhood when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show ( Mom was very excited for us to watch them and made sure we kids were bathed, jammied and comfortably seated on the couch, well in advance of the start of the show.  I remember just about jumping out of my skin in anticipation of their appearances. And I loved them! So much, in fact, that I was practically in tears when they finished, just like every other girl on the planet, these guys moved me so much that I could barely control my emotions with the letdown after all was said and done. I could’ve listened and watched them for days! A few months later, I remember peering over my backyard fence high on a hill watching every airplane land at the SF airport on the day the Beatles were coming to town for their Cow Palace concert debut. I begged my mother to take me to the show, not having any idea at the time that tickets needed to be purchased long in advance. When my mother dismissed my request with a half smile (interpreted: Yeah, right kid!) I was devastated. They were so close, yet so far away! I can feel the pain of disappointment to this day! I will never get over that near miss, as well as the day about three years later when I threw away my collection of about 200 Beatle cards because of peer pressure. I will never forgive myself for being so weak that I wilted because of criticism for adoring my Beatles cards so intensely that I had to prove my friend wrong by tossing them straight into the trash. Ugh….it hurts just to write about it… Many years later, having told my kids about this horrific experience, they were so sweet and thoughtful to think to indulge me with another collection, which I have now and will NEVER part with. It’s not quite the same thing as the cards from my childhood, that were collected over a period of a few years by purchasing one pack of bubble gum at a time from the corner ‘Smoke Shop.’ Inside each pack were four Beatle cards, and I collected them like they were gold, trading duplicates with friends, and putting them chronological order being careful not to scuff or bend them in any way. They were my pride and joy, but the new batch is also very special to me because of the fact that my kids knew how much I adored my card collection and had the thoughtfulness to present me with probably the best gift the ever chose for me. I will be forever touched by this gift to me. They ‘Love Me Do.’

The Beatles arrive in San Francisco!